When And How To Practice Home Quarantine For Coronavirus

India reportedly had its second coronavirus casualty in Delhi and 83 patients are currently undergoing treatment according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The increasing number of cases in the country call for strict regulations and preventive measures if we want to contain the spread of this virus.

The ministry released a circular with several guidelines detailing when and how to quarantine yourself at home for COVID-19.

Who should home quarantine?

Well, if you are:

  1. A person living in the same household as a COVID-19 case.
  2. Someone who has had direct contact with a COVID-19 case or his/her infectious secretions without recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) or with a possible breach of PPE.
  3. Someone as in a closed environment or had a face to face contact with a COVID-19 case at a distance of within 1 m including air travel.

Then you should practise home quarantine.

How to home quarantine?

  1. Stay in a well-ventilated single room, preferably with an attached toilet. If another family member needs to stay in the same room, it’s advisable to maintain a distance of at least 1 m needs between the two.
  2. Stay away from children, pregnant women, elderly people and persons with co-morbidities within the household.
  3. You should restrict your movement within the house.
  4. Under no circumstances, attend any social/religious gatherings like wedding, condolences etc.
  5. Avoid sharing household items.
  6. Wash hands thoroughly with soap or sanitizer.
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He/she should also follow the below mentioned public health measures at all times:

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But if a member of your family is being home quarantined, here are the things you should follow:

    1. Only an assigned family member should be tasked with taking care of such a person.
    2. Avoid shaking the soiled linen or direct contact with skin.
    3. Use disposable gloves when cleaning the surfaces or handling soiled linen.
    4. Wash hands after removing gloves.
    5. Visitors should not be allowed.
    6. In case the person being quarantined becomes symptomatic, all his close contacts will be home quarantined (for 14 days) and followed up for an additional 14 days or till the report of such case turns out negative on lab testing.

The home quarantine period is for 14 days from contact with a confirmed case or earlier if a suspect case (of whom the index person is a contact) turns out negative on laboratory testing.

Also, follow these do’s and don’ts:

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Here are the helpline numbers:

      1. The helpline number for corona-virus is +91-11-23978046
      2. You can find the helpline numbers of States and Union Territories for corona-virus here.
      3. The helpline Email ID for corona-virus: [email protected]

It is ineffective to panic at such situations, but one should be cautious. Because caution is the parent of safety. Be aware, be safe people.

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