Redditor Says ‘Bollywood Is Cringeworthy’ & Hollywood Films Are Better, Desis Respond

Bollywood movies are infamous for their head-scratching action scenes, unrealistic graphics and sometimes having dialogues that go a little below the belt.

However, with the changing times, the spectators have become vigilant about the kind of content they want to see. And this has prompted filmmakers to produce some really impactful and creative movies.

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However, a Reddit user seems unpleased by Bollywood movies. Expressing his opinions about Hindi films he wrote that he finds Bollywood movies cringeworthy.

He went on to write that Bollywood movies have “boring dialogues, forced unlaughable jokes, stupid action scenes, cringe-worthy storylines” and only 4 movies out of 100 films are worth watching.

Bollywood movies are hella cringe from india

While some agreed with him, his general statement got the worst of desis online who commented that it’s not the same anymore.

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There were also some who thought Hollywood movies also have some cringe content.

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Looking at some of the movies released in recent times like ‘Gully Boy’, ‘Bala’, ‘Mardaani’ among others, I do agree that Bollywood movies have come a long way and sure have miles to go. What are your views about it? Let us know.

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