Desis Share The Hilarious & Unusual ‘Hobbies’ They’ve Seen Written On CVs

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, your CV is one of the most important documents that determine whether you’ll land an interview or not. And we have come across many offbeat CVs from people who wish to stand out from the crowd. For instance, a designer made her CV in the form of chocolate bars or how another guy rapped his entire CV.

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However, when journalist Shiv Aroor made a point asking people to not include ‘listening to music’ as part of your CV’s hobbies section, and it triggered a long thread of discussion.

Desi Twitter had many thoughts on the matter:

1. People shared some of the unusual ‘hobbies’ that people have listed in their CVs:

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2. Others were reminded of their old CVs

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3. Some questioned if such a section is even required, while others defended it:

सिंगल पेज रेझ्युम असावा का, असेल तर कसा असावा? जाणून घ्या १००% यशस्वी करणाऱ्या सिंगल पेज रेझ्युमच्या बेसिक टिप्स..!

4. And then there are people who are left with no time outside work to have hobbies:

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Do you have a ‘Hobbies’ section in your resume or do you think it’s old-fashioned? Tell us!

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