This FB Post About ‘Living The Moment’ Will Change The Way You Look At Things. FOREVER!

There always seems to be a divide between the hip ‘party people’ and the assumed poor, ‘low-lives!’ While I’m one from the latter (and proud), there is no given that the former is beyond and better (like the world happily proclaims).

To each, his (her) own is actually what comes to my mind but hey, I don’t understand the concept of going out with your beloved to a place where you can’t even hear them!

If I’m not making sense to you, let this post help. Shared by Humans of Bombay, Michaela Gramolla‘s thoughts about ‘living the moment’ will change your perception about things, forever. Read the entire the post here.

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“I’ve heard people say ‘lets live for the moment‘ and then they go out and party and I can’t help but think that that’s not living. Living for me is travelling and creating experiences that shift my perceptions. Like right now, I feel like I’m really livingI’m waiting for the sunset and doing absolutely nothing else, but I love every second of it.”


Now, that’s my friend is the actual meaning of ‘Carpe Diem.’ Depends on you, what you want to seize and how!