As A Token Of Gratitude, A Hindu Couple Names Their Baby “Yunus” After A Muslim Saviour

Flood-ravaged Chennai witnessed many instances of humanity. Many people and groups helped or contributed in a big or small way. Amongst them, there was a Muslim man who helped a Hindu couple when calamity was looming over their head.

Meet Mohamed Yunus, the CEO of a start-up, who helped a Hindu couple residing in Urapakkam area in Chennai, which was battered by torrential rains.

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Adding to the misery of torrential downpour in their residence, a pregnant Chitra was going through labour pains. Her husband, Mohan was with her but didn’t know what to do; the neighbours were vacating the place owing to the neck-deep water.

It was then that 26-year-old Mohamed Yunus came to rescue them in a boat. He took them to the nearby hospital. During the boat ride, Chitra was panicking but Yunus calmed her down by narrating a story.

Amidst the water-induced destruction, she gave birth to a baby girl and the couple named their newborn after Yunus, who saved them just in time.


Yunus believes the 15-minute boat journey is the unforgettable part of his life. Here’s the post that he shared on his Facebook timeline:

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But this is not the whole picture. Yunus has been offering help to many people in Chennai.

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He spent Rs 1 lakh from his pocket and hired 4 boats to help the stranded people in the flood-affected areas of Chennai. Also, he pledged to contribute 50% of his salary for the needy.

This is what he said:

I hail from Nungambakkam and I realised on the night of December 2 something is not right and I thought of helping my friends in Urapakkam area, which was one of the worst-hit areas due to the heavy rainfall.

He is keen to pay a visit to the newborn girl and he has promised that the child’s education fees will be borne by him!
Isn’t that a benevolent gesture? When I see incidents like this, it makes me believe in the world that thrives beyond religion.

Kudos to you sir! We salute your spirit. 🙂

News Source: Huffington Post 

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