Students Of Hindu College Will Pray To Jacqueline Fernandez Hoping To Lose Their Virginity

Traditions are an important part of any culture or community. It helps the coming generations to understand their roots and history and follow in the same footsteps. I mean, there’a reason why Big B said Parampara-Pratishtha-Anushasan are the guiding principles of life, right?

True to their traditions, Hindu college is at it again. By that, I mean celebrating Valentine’s Day by worshipping the Virgin Tree in the campus. Last year, Disha Patani was the chose Damdami Mai.

This year, the Hindu college students have chosen Jacqueline Fernandez to be their Damdami Mai. The tradition is followed with the hope that singles will find love within 6 months and lose their virginity within a year of the ‘pooja’.

This year, the students have also introduced a new addition to the tradition – a Love Guru, which is the male counterpart of Damdami Mai. The chosen Love Guru for this year’s pooja is, no points for guessing, Ranveer Singh.

All smiles 🙂

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In a report by Hindustan Times, the president of the college’s hostel, Lalit Kumar said about the choice of the people to be worshipped this year,

“Jacqueline Fernandez and Ranveer Singh were chosen because they are the hottest and the most in-demand stars right now. Something that makes them worthy of the status of Damdami Mai and Love Guru.”

Every year, the Damdami Mai is chosen by the boys’ hostel, and this year the Love Guru has been chosen by the girls’ hostel.

The tree, known as the ‘Virgin Tree’ is decorated with condoms and Mr Fresher of the year is the priest who conducts the pooja.


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I’ve heard of worshipping Gods to find a good partner or to pass a difficult test. But worshipping actors with a high sex appeal with the hope to lose your virginity is a first (no pun intended). But it’s a tradition, and traditions must be followed. So, Jai Damdami Mai!