Himachal Residents Call Out Tourists Leaving Garbage Behind After State Re-Opens Borders


We constantly see many people complaining about their roads, localities, etc. not being clean enough. But to think that it is solely the duty of cleaners and rag pickers is a mistake. After having seen instances like an Indian railway passenger who complained of a compartment filled with trash or how a New Jersey Street got littered with Diwali crackers, we can’t help but say ‘clean your own mess’!

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Echoing this concern, a Twitter user posted photographs of the condition of his state Himachal after borders were re-opened for tourism post lockdown. Trails of garbage can be seen littered by the tourists. Check out his tweet here:-

Other residents of the state responded with their own photographs, calling out the careless behavior of such tourists:-

Criticizing the apathy some tourists have when it comes to respecting the cleanliness of the environment, here are some of the reactions people had, including Bollywood actress Yami Gautam who called for stricter laws and penalties:-

Instead of mindlessly throwing waste anywhere on the ground, all we have to do is to find a dustbin, or pack it in a bag and keep it with us till we find a bin. Is that too much to ask for? Or maybe we should take a cue from this Thai National Park which ships the rubbish back to the tourists who litter the premises.

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Have you too come across similar scenes of littering in your town? Share with us!

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