This Uncle From Himachal Pradesh Feeds & Shelters 16 Dogs While Tourists Are Away

Have you ever encountered sweet mountain dogs on any of your trips to the hills? I remember having come across some precious doggos on my trip to McLeod Ganj and loved having them around. The strays often rely on travelers and tourists for food, which leaves them in a poor state during the off-season. Taking care of these furry friends is no easy feat. From a Pune autorickshaw driver taking his doggo along to work every day to a Delhi student who set up 100 tyre beds to provide street dogs shelter, a lot of people step up to give doggos a better life. And now, in a wholesome video on social media, we see an old man single-handedly sheltering 16 such dogs!

adult short-coated black and tan German shepherd
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This old uncle from Hatu Peak in Himachal Pradesh takes care of 16 dogs by providing them food and shelter. The doggos go up and down 3 mountains with him every single day where the man earns his bread, and they are all pretty much companions for life now. Check it out:


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People showered love in the comments section of the video posted by Instagram user @jack.the.gsd_:

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I experienced pure joy while watching the video. What about you?

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