Desis Discuss Instances Of Hilarious Translation Fails Due To Not Speaking Hindi Fluently

All of us bilingual and multilingual people have our ‘lost in translation’ moments. My attempts are often filled with “umm”, “err”, “that thing…you know”. And sometimes the most literal translations turn into the funniest meanings in another language. Or how previously a man shared a story of how his South Indian friend who didn’t speak Hindi fluently confused ‘chipkali’ with ‘magarmach’.

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A Twitter user shared a funny incident of how she couldn’t recall the word ‘shehed’ for honey and left the shopkeeper confused by calling it ‘madhu’.

Other desis united in laughter as they too shared their hilarious translation fail moments:

1. I hope the shop didn’t call the police 😛

2. Can’t stop laughing at this one!

 3. Really want to know the reaction of the helper!

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4. Bengalis, can you relate?

 5. Another perennial confusion!

6. ‘Much’ to their shock.

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7. FYI, it’s called khus-khus in Hindi!

8. Aunty every time I go over to her place to eat!

Do you also have a funny translation moment of your own? Share them with us in the comments section!

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