Twitter Is Celebrating Eid With Rib-Tickling Eidi Memes & They’re Hilariously On Point


Eid Mubarak! Having said that, I know e-greetings cannot give the warmth of huge, festive get-togethers or a big spread of biryani and sevaiin but worry not! I have just the eidi for you. And again, I/you have the internet to thank.

If you already haven’t heard, Twitter is celebrating Eid in a way that can be liked and retweeted. That’s right eidi memes are here and so is hilarity. Shall we?

Ready for a laugh riot?

1. That grin is priceless!

2. Ouch, that must hurt.

3. Hahahaha

4. ‘Nahiiiiiii

5. Yeh toh sahi baat nahi.

6. That damn moment!

7. My question exactly.

8. Aila

9. *prays*


10. It me and I’m not even a Muslim.

11. Moms, I tell you!

12. Tauba Tauba

Ab yeh hui na eid wali baat. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, spread smiles! 😉

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