Watch Hilarious Videos Of Cats Dancing To Retro Song If You Can’t ‘Monday’ Anymore!

Nobody, absolutely nobody likes Mondays. Unless you work on Sundays, then your life just sucks. In order to help you deal with Monday blues, we have the best medicine – cat videos!

According to sources, a new trend has hit social media where cat owners are posting videos of their cats, making them dance to the popular 1954 song Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes, against a 9-camera split filter.

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The video that started it all! #sandmancat

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The trend, or #MrSandmanChallenge, has taken social media by storm and we are so glad that it did because the results are hilarious!

Prepare to kiss your Monday blues away. You’re welcome.

And here’s a cat who wouldn’t have it, and certainly this is the best one!

Happy Monday, everyone!