This Video Of Hijras Singing Jana-Gana-Mana Shows Them In A Refreshing New Light

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Most of us have been asked this question many times while growing up (and some of us even now). However, not everyone is lucky enough to have the luxury of the choosing our career according to our preferences. There is a community living amongst us, which has all the capabilities to be as success as they want to be, but their journey is not as easy as they had like it to be.

They’re the hijras.

With Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on recognizing them as the┬áthird gender and giving them reservation for being socially and economically backward, their hopes and dreams of having a normal life will come true in the near future. We just need to do our bit for it by accepting them as one of us and treating them with love and respect.

This video, shared by Yathartha pictures throws light on the same issue. It shows that now people from the hijra community of the society have the power to be anything they want to by showing them singing the national anthem in a new and positive light.

Make sure you stand up for it.