There’s A Highlighter For Your Vagina Now And We Are Freaking Out, Not In A Good Way!

Personally, I am not very fond of makeup. I don’t get the head or tail of what exactly is contouring, airbrushing, et all. Having said that, I do need my black kajal always, else I can’t step out of my house.

But that’s me. On the other hand, my best friends are exactly the opposite, and they know everything that there is to know about makeup. Well, this isn’t a story about me or about my makeup preferences, so let’s get straight to the point.

We have cosmetics for our vaginas. Nope, this isn’t a joke!

A Danish company which goes by the name of ‘The Perfect V’ has launched a highlighter, a mist and a serum for our V V bits… (V= Vagina, here)

According to the company, the luminizer is a “special highlighting cream with skincare benefits” which is designed to “highlight, soften, and illuminate” a woman’s privates.


They also have a mist to hydrate and refresh the skin. An Exfoliator to help repair the damaged skin due to hair removal. A serum to firm and remove wrinkles from the vagina but it is the highlighter which has everybody talking about it!


Naturally, the women of the internet were not too keen to try the product out and had strong reactions to it.

1. Count me in, Sistah!


2. My thoughts exactly!


3.  I don’t know if she is being sarcastic or not!


4. Umm… okay!


5.  TRUE


6.  This one cracked me up!

We want to know your thoughts on this. Do you think under the pretext of beauty, this has gone too far? Or we needed something like this?


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