“Aapka Khana Udhar Laga Hai”: Gulshan Devaiah Speaks Of Class & Hierarchy In Bollywood

Earlier, Gulshan Devaiah weighed in on a debate where people online discussed the shocking way dining areas in their industry are segregated based on job profiles. Now Devaiah delves further into the subject to share his own experience with this unfortunate reality. 

“It’s a very common occurrence. It happens across the entire spectrum, be it film sets, ad shoots or TV sets. I’ve been seeing this since the time I’ve been working here. It doesn’t happen on every set, but a lot of sets do segregate,” Devaiah says, reports HT

Delving into his past, he recollects, “In 2008, when I was an ‘extra’, at that time, people used to say, ‘Aapke khaana udhar laga hua hai aur unka wahan’. I never paid much attention to it at that point of time, but it’s something that really bothers me. There’s a certain class and hierarchy which is there.”

The actor who has been a part of projects like Ghost Stories (2020) and Unpaused, says people in the industry love to play the blame-game, “So much tamasha is made about nepotism. In fact, nepotism pichle saal se kaafi popular hai yahan pe, particularly hamari industry mein sab log apni shortcomings doosre pe dalte hain. Here, I’m not trying to deny nepotism. But there are so many other things as well, which are bothersome. There are so many areas where we can as an industry do better. That’s why I thought I’ll start writing my thoughts.”

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Reports suggest that Devaiah spoke of how things have changed by explaining that some sets don’t practice such biases. However, he has experienced it rampantly on others. “We are all working together, can’t we have more dignity. There are some artistes who like to stay isolated, but then they can go into their dressing room or vanity. This kind of segregation is wrong,” he signs off.

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