Woman Gets Strangled By Dupatta That’s Stuck In Table Fan, Hero Chews It Off In TV Serial

Desi television serials have not once, not twice, but multiple times proved to us that they are way far off from logic and science. Couples are ‘accidentally’ getting married, a guy legit breaks ‘Chand ka tukda’ for his lady love, and doctors are giving shock to patients using ‘Scotch Brite’.

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We were once again left perplexed when the protagonist of the Indian TV serial ‘Swarna Ghar’ was seen choking when her dupatta got tangled in a fan. One would think it would be a ceiling fan (because that’s closest to reality) but NO!

As she draped her dupatta on her shoulder, it somehow got stuck in the blades of a table fan leaving the woman struggling for breath.

What’s even more surprising is that no one was able to switch the fan off or cut the electricity supply or simply undrape the dupatta from the other side to save her. This leads to the hero coming to her rescue (among a crowd of people) and tearing off the dupatta with his teeth. Such a heroic moment, you see!

In the viral video, when one of the antagonists says ‘ye sab natak kar rahey hai ji’, I was like, at least someone speaks sense. But I was disappointed again.

You need to watch the video to see how much effort is put into making these serials.

People online couldn’t stop speaking their minds. This is how they reacted:

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I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of our people producing such content. Bravo!

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