Henry ‘Superman’ Cavill Looks Himself Up On Google And Finds He Died 2 Days Ago

Fake news nowadays is so convincing that people hardly bother to verify something on the Internet. Also, since we are in a habit of consulting the Internet every step of the way, it’s no surprise that every piece of fake news is widely circulated until it becomes common knowledge. The most popular ones among these are the news of actors getting pregnant, married or passing away.

Death is not a joke and to lose someone who you have looked up to, for a long time can be really heart-wrenching. But, nobody can stop this epidemic of fake news, and even Sylvester ‘Rambo’ Stallone was declared dead quite recently by the Internet.

We took a sigh of relief after he came out and declared that he was still alive and punching!


And the recent victim of this fake news was Superman Henry Cavill! We knew Lex Luthor couldn’t succeed that easily.

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Henry Cavill posted a screenshot from Google after he looked himself up, probably at the behest of a fan who told him that it shows that he died two days ago on March 3, 2018. The Instagram picture also had a confused photo of the actor who is amused at the fact that he’s dead.

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When you learn that you died 2 days ago….

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“When you learn that you died 2 days ago….”

Awkward! Bet the person who did this is really scared of Superman’s laser vision right now! But, we sure are glad Henry is hale and hearty, after all, we need someone to crush on.

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