Dance Troupe Performs Garba Wearing Helmets In Gujarat To Promote Road Safety!

Navratri is here and we have already entered day-2 of the nine-day festival. The colourful festival is celebrated in India and by Indians around the world with much pomp and enthusiasm. While this festival is celebrated by different people in their own traditional way, one thing is common- the peppy tunes and fun that no one misses on. And when we talk about Gujarat, it’s all song and dance and yes, great mouth-watering food during Navratri.

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Every year on Navratri, we see people adding a unique touch to their celebrations. Remember the aqua or the silent Garba that was a hit last season? Well, this year, people have become even more conscious and have decided to create awareness about helmets, while keeping their traditions intact.

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Ever since the MV act was enforced, a lot of traffic rule offenders have been penalised over the past couple of weeks. Well, to highlight the importance of the headgear, people in Gujarat are doing the helmet Garba. It’s basically people dressed in their traditional dance attire, wearing their helmets and dancing to the music.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

People are loving the enthusiasm and the motive behind the gesture:

We love how people are becoming conscious and using the festivities to spread the word about road safety. It’s indeed a Happy Navratri!!

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