Beer Brand Heineken Launches ‘Heinekicks’ Sneakers That Has Real Beer-Filled Soles

If you think after coming with up ‘See-Through Trousers’ and ‘Denim Panties’, brands would stop coming up with bizarre things in the name of fashion then you’re mistaken, my friend. It’s time to don some boozy, trippy, and quirky AF beer shoes because beer in a glass is so mainstream.

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Dutch brewing company Heineken has collaborated with acclaimed shoe designer, Dominic Ciambrone AKA ‘shoe surgeon’, and came up with ‘beer for your sole’.

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Taking to Twitter, the company shared a visual of their newly launched ‘Heinekicks’ for the love of beer and sneakers. Apparently, the shoes are introduced to celebrate the smoothness of Heineken Silver.

And the USP is that the sole of these first-of-its-kind shoes is filled with actual beer.

The shiny green lace-up shoes with red and silver details, reflecting the beer brands’ signature colors, also come with a metal bottle opener.

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The unique shoes managed to raise a lot of eyebrows. While some wanted to own these kicks, others were a little apprehensive about wearing food on their shoes.

This is how the internet reacted to these ‘high’ shoes.

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According to reports, only 32 pairs of Heinekicks are created, seven of which will be made available for sale in Singapore in the last quarter of 2022. One might have to wait to know the actual price of the shoe which still remains a mystery.

Are you ready to walk on beer?

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