Man Deposited Money In ‘Heartbreak Insurance Fund’ With GF, Gets ₹25K As She Cheats On Him

Some of us hardly think of getting our hearts broken by our partners during the inception of our relationship. The initial honeymoon period never lets us be negative and cautious before investing wholeheartedly into it.

But, when things get ugly and people finally start showing their true colors, that is when we think, ‘I should have been prepared’. Well, at least some of us had planned things well, even a heartbreak.

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Taking to Twitter, a man named Prateek Aaryan shared how he had moved beyond health insurance and came up with an economical idea to insure his broken heart.

So, during the start of their relationship, Prateek and his girlfriend agreed on a pact. Every month they started depositing Rs 500 each into a joint account throughout the course of their relationship as part of their Heartbreak Insurance Fund (HIF). As per the fund’s policy, the money could only be withdrawn by the person who is being cheated upon by their partner.

Well, Prateek did get a whopping Rs 25,000 recently as his girlfriend cheated on him after four years and two months.

“I got Rs 25000 because my girlfriend cheated on me . When Our relationship started we deposited a monthly Rs 500 each into a joint account during relationship and made a policy that whoever gets cheated on, will walk away with all money. That is Heartbreak Insurance Fund (HIF).” (sic)

People online thought it was a genius idea. Some had other opinions too.

A handful of people even gave him ideas on how to use this heartbreak money in better ways.

Well, at least someone benefitted from a heartbreak. All we got was sleepless nights, overthinking, hair fall, and trust issues. 😖

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