Woman Shares How Her Boss Helped Her When She Was Frustrated, Promoting A Healthy Workspace

Time and again, employees in different offices have spoken about the toxic work culture they witness that leads some to even quit their jobs to safeguard their mental peace.

Moreover, the fact that losing work-life balance and overworking is romanticized by bosses, makes things even worse.

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However, there are some companies and bosses who have been thinking about the sanity and welfare of their employees. Earlier, a company started putting out reminders on the computers of their employees who work beyond their set work hours.

Now, a woman named Stuti shared how her boss helped her when she was frustrated.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote that after the calls to her went unanswered, her boss texted her to call her back. When she responded to her boss saying that she was frustrated and didn’t want to talk at that moment, her boss told her to hand over her work to her and take 3-4 days to refresh and come back in a good mood, thereby promoting a healthy work culture.

Her tweet went viral online with people wanting to know if such a workplace and boss even existed.

However, there were also others who shared their stories of the times when their bosses thought of their mental health and created a healthy workspace for their employees.

This, coming at a time when companies are pestering employees to work beyond their human capacity, is so refreshing and satisfying.

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