17 Things You Will Relate To If You Hate Shopping

I used to think there were only two kinds of Indians: one who were complete shopaholics and second who only shopped for free stuff and during sale season. And then I met the third kind, the scary kind – the people who hate shopping. If you belong to the third category then congrats, you’re not alone.

1. You cannot bear the crowded malls or the market place



2. You find people doing unnecessary shopping a complete waste of time and money

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You’d rather sit at home and watch your favourite movie over and over again.


3. You absolutely dislike window shopping

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What’s the point of going to a store, staring at things like they’re zoo animals and not buying them?


4. Finding parking spaces while shopping on weekends give you headaches

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5. You always try to avoid shopping plans with your friends/family

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6. More than the shopping trip you’re interested in the food you’ll have

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7. You hate the process of going into trial rooms (which are tiny and crowded again)

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8. Your hair gets super messy while trying clothes and this annoys the hell out of you

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9. You hate the rule of carrying only 3-5 items into the trial room

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You’d rather take them all and be done with it at once.


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10. In the rare occasion that you are forced to shop, you have that one store that you blindly enter

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And select clothes blindly from that one store.


11. Choosing something out of a zillion things makes you feel dizzy

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12. And when you choose something and don’t find the correct size, you are like

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13. If you have to shop for something you prefer to do it alone

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More people means more opinions means more confusion.


14. You have zero patience to stand in mile long queues to pay bills

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15. You would rather go for online shopping

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Click, click and next day delivery. Done.


16. You prefer that people gift you clothes instead of money or anything else

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Saves you the trouble of going shopping.


17. But, you do love new clothes and new stuff..

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..but you just cannot go through the harrowing process called shopping.

Probably you should get a personal stylist who would shop for you. Till that time, happy crappy shopping.

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