Savagely Tortured, An Indian-Origin Teen Dies A Painful Death. He Wanted To Be Like Rahman.

Every other day we hear stories of crimes and hate that leave us gaping at the thought of, where have we come, as a society? We are so busy in the rat race that maybe we have forgotten what it’s like to be human..

My heart shatters every time I have to tell you about such incidents. But the plight of this teen has compelled me in the name of humanity, to write about him.

A shy, gentle teen, 18-year-old T. Nhaveen dreamt of being an ace music composer, just like Oscar winner – A.R Rahman. Nhaveen who is a Malaysian Tamil had enrolled in a music-composing course in Kuala Lumpur.

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In what can be called as one of the monstrous crimes, the 18-year-old kid was allegedly beaten up and assaulted by a bunch of teenagers on Saturday. The boy was used as a toy by the perpetrators to perform perverted sexual acts. His uncle, M. Vincent said –

“They told us Nhaveen had internal bleeding in his head and abdomen on the very first day.

Only some 36 hours later, the doctors and nurses informed us that he was sodomised and there were burns on his back.”

The crime took place around midnight at a field in Jalan Kaki Bukit in Bukit Gelugor. Nhaveen and his best friend T. Previin, 19, were both together when the crime took place. Previin survived head injuries and escaped the site in time while Nhaveen was subjected to crimes that are unspeakable of.

The doctors showed the injuries in his private parts and anus to his grieving mother and investigating officers. The boy was admitted to Penang Hospital, George Town in a very serious state. Soon, he was declared brain-dead.


An NGO, Malaysian Tamil Kular organised a 30-minute vigil for the boy who was fighting for his life. They chanted mantras and tried to send positive vibes to the brave spirit.

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A.R Rahman also came to know about the news and prayed for his speedy recovery. He tweeted –

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But according to a recent report by The Star, a close relative has confirmed that the innocent 18-year-old boy passed away at 5.31 pm today.

My heart breaks for Nhaveen and his family.

Seriously, where did all the compassion and empathy go?

News Source: The Star

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