Crorepati Haryana Tea Seller’s Kidnapping Foiled, All Because Of A Pair Of Sunglasses

No crime can ever be perfect; sometimes all it takes is noticing one tiny element that’s out of place and the entire hidden story is revealed. You must’ve seen spy movies and detective shows were the investigator solves the entire case by spotting just one thing out of pattern, or one lie. Well, a kidnapping in Haryana was foiled by the police in a similar way. And all because of a pair of sunglasses.

Harpal Singh, a 48-year old millionaire tea seller from Manesar was being abducted by two men.

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Singh runs his tea stall outside a Maruti Suzuki factory. Only last month, he had sold his land to the Haryana Government for 3 crore.

According to Hindustan Times, the kidnappers’ plan was to ask for instant ransom of Rs 3 lakh from Singh for now, and eventually extract more money out of him. However, since Singh did not have his phone on him, they had to change things up.

So how did a pair of sunglasses become these kidnappers’ bane?

The duo had tied Singh’s arms and legs and used tape to blindfold him as they were driving him, at gunpoint, to their hideout in Delhi. To cover up the blindfold, they made Singh wear sunglasses.

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At the Delhi-Gurgaon border, the sunglasses sporting Singh aroused suspicion of a policeman.

Because who wears sunglasses in the middle of the night?

Thanks to the policeman’s keen eye, and that pair of sunglasses the two men were apprehended and Singh was rescued a mere hours after his kidnapping.┬áHe was mostly unhurt, except for minor injury to his head from being hit with a pistol when abducted, and swelling around his eyes because of the tape used for blindfolding him.

Turned out, one of the kidnappers was a labourer, Janmahan Singh, who worked at Harpal Singh’s tea stall and was aware of the latter’s land deal with the government and the 3 crore he had received.

The labourer, a migrant from Uttar Pradesh hatched a plan with his accomplice Vatan Ram, who owned two taxis, to abduct Harpal Singh for ransom.

Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for Harpal Singh, it was all foiled by a pair of sunglasses worn in the night-time.

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