Video Of Haryana Kid Reporting Waterlogging In Her Neighbourhood Is Winning Hearts!

Have you ever seen kids put on their fancy clothes and walk an imaginary ramp pretending to be models? Or wear their father’s white shirt, posing to be a doctor, and play ‘Operation’? Or make an imaginary mic out of a comb and pretend to be a rockstar? Kids tend to play these parts with so much passion that they put professionals to shame!

Recently, a young girl from Haryana has been receiving a lot of praise after a video of her “reporting” waterlogging in her locality went viral. According to sources, the locality, Kurukshetra, faced severe water-logging after a few days of continuous heavy rainfall. A user on Twitter posted the video where the girl is seen posing as a journalist, reporting the condition of her neighbourhood.

“As you can see, the water is flowing at a very fast speed and even I am not able to walk properly,” she said. Pointing at a neighbouring house, she says how the family used cement bags to prevent water from flowing in.

Watch the video here:

Reports reveal that parts of Haryana, Punjab, and Chandigarh have been facing water-logging problems for quite a few days, causing a major inconvenience in everyday life. The situation, however, has failed to attract media coverage.

Netizens were highly impressed by her reporting skills and are hoping that her voice reaches authorities who could solve their problem.

A future journalist in the making!

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