Elderly Relative In Haryana Burns Private Parts Of A 4 YO For The Most Horrendous Reason

“Don’t go out alone.” “Don’t go out in the night.” “Don’t go out wearing this.”

These are a few sentences you might have heard too frequently in life if you are a woman in India. But the irony in these sentences is that all the threats are supposed to be ‘outside’ when the girls in our country are not safe inside their homes. This incident in Haryana shows the same.

A 4-year-old girl in Haryana was allegedly burnt in her private parts with hot tongs by an elderly member of the family.

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The girl was lying in her house with the injuries for 10 days until the members of a local child welfare body came to rescue her. They then took her to a hospital.


The District Child Protection Committee officials in Sirsa had received a tip-off that a girl’s private parts had been burned by her grandmother on July 9. That’s when they went to check on the girl and eventually took her to a hospital. They had also informed the police.

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According to the villagers, the family of the kid, who is the youngest of the three sisters, actually wanted a boy. The same is being told to be the reason behind the gruesome act. Gita Kathuria of Child Protection Committee said,

“The girl’s father told us that it would’ve been better had the child been a boy.”


Deputy Superintendent of Police Vijay Kakkar has registered an FIR and said, “As soon as we get some leads, we will arrest the culprit.”

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It’s still unbelievable to digest the fact that all this is happening in 2017. We have a long way to, and we sincerely hope that practices like these stop.

Source: NDTV

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