“He Orally Forced Himself On Me.” Harvey Weinstein’s Ex-employee Shares Her Harrowing Ordeal

The world, as we speak, is reading about Harvey Weinstein and turning in disgust over his history of sexual abuse and harassment. But the only hindsight to the entire fiasco is that the voice opposing the sexual predator is growing stronger. That the voice against sexual harassment and assault is getting unified, thanks to brave women who are coming out to share their ordeal, in a bid to encourage others.

After Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow‘s harrowing account, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan‘s close escape and GoT star Lena Headey‘s exposing Twitter thread another courageous woman has come to the fore and her story will send make you cringe!

Levelling allegations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, Mimi Haleyi, a former production assistant for the Weinstein Co. has alleged that the media mogul has made sexual advances on her.

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Recalling her first red flag, she said it was 2006 when Harvey made his move at the pretext of meeting her for work. Speaking at a conference she said, 


“I said no and left. By that time I was crying, as I felt completely humiliated.”

That was not an isolated event. After the incident, she said Weinstein got in touch with her and she went to work on one of his company’s television shows in New York.

But shortly after that job wrapped up, she claims, Weinstein asked her to accompany him to Paris for shows. She added,


But the worst yet remains.

After his return, Haleyi claims that she agreed to meet him at his apartment in Manhattan to ‘maintain good relationship’ but he took advantage of her instead. He allegedly forced her to have oral sex after she said she was menstruating!


“I tried to get him off me but he was extremely persistent and physically overpowering.”

In fact, after he was finished he allegedly asked her “Don’t you feel like we’re so much closer now?”

You can watch a clip of the press conference here.

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While justice takes its own sweet time, the scares emerging from accounts like the above are too pressing to ignore!