Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor Says Producers Have Asked Him To ‘Sound Dumb’ During Interviews

Son of renowned actor Anil Kapoor, Harsh Varrdhan had made headlines in the past when he stated that people hated him for being the son of an acting legend. He now muses whether transparency is the best policy during interviews, “After Mirzya (his 2016 acting debut), I feel I always had my guard up a little bit.

HT reports him saying, “I was very open to talk and transparent and be very honest and sit down and have a normal chat. But after Mirzya I realised that I have to be a little conscious to what I say.”

Speaking of candid interviews, he says, “When I sit down for an interview, I like to be honest but it’s up to the person on the other end of the interview to be able to say that ‘this guy is being honest and coming from a good place, he is confiding in me, so I also need to take care of him’.”

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He added, “Also, it was also the fact that I was doing the off-beat cinema. People have so much love for Anil Kapoor, that have expectations that you have to be a certain way. As soon as you are different and embrace that individuality, it’s not going to be accepted right away. It would be naive to think that. Some producers told me that I need to sound dumb in my interviews. They told me that I come across as too intelligent and I am going to alienate the audience.”

What do you think of his revelations?

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