Harsh Goenka Compares ‘Wives’ To ‘Wildlife’ In Tweet, Gets Called Out For ‘Sexism’

Sexism is everywhere. A seemingly harmless WhatsApp forward making fun of girlfriends, a male colleague receiving a promotion over a more hardworking female employee, a snide remark from your boss, to a relative making unsolicited comments on your outfit – if you look closely enough, you will find it and if you are a woman, it will make your blood boil.

Which is why, when Harsh Goenka recently took to Twitter to share a sexist ‘joke’, people online wouldn’t have it. In his tweet, he compared wives to ‘wildlife’. Have a look:

The business tycoon went on to face strong criticism by people online. While some called his tweet “disgusting”, others shared similar jokes on men and asked him if it was funny.

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