Woman’s ‘Harry Potter’ Themed Sleepover For Her Gal Pals Is All Kinds Of LIT! See Pics

Dear Potterheads, can we please virtually high-five on the fact that we go gaga over anything that is remotely Harry Potter themed? Thanks.

With theme parties being the rage now, people dressed as witches and wizards and cutting a three-tier HP cake is something I’ve been seeing for quite a while. But one HP-themed party thrown by a particular someone has turned my fan-heart upside down!

A die-hard Harry Potter fan from New Zealand organised an all-girls adults-only Harry Potter sleepover for four of her girlfriends and the entire set-up is worth falling in love with!

According to sources, all the five attendees of the sleepover share a joint obsession for the wizarding world and took inspiration from it to have an epic slumber party. One of those women, Maria Foy, said:

“Last night, my girlfriends and I had our OWN Harry Potter-themed sleepover; FOR ADULTS.┬áLisa made a huge platter and personalised glasses…so we had food, wine, ‘Cards Against Muggles’, ‘Harry Potter Uno’, and lots of laughs.”

They posted pictures of the set-up on Facebook and it’s like a Potterhead’s dream come true. With Hogwarts blankets, pillows of the four houses, printed wine glasses, and a super cute Harry soft-toy ready to welcome everybody, this is the kind of theme party we need!

Take a look:

  1. This is what a Potterhead’s dream is made of.
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2. I need this Harry Potter stuffed toy in my life.

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3. Whoever came up with this word-play deserves a medal!

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4. I would gladly drink polyjuice portion off these wine-glasses, no matter how gross they taste!

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5. The dinner spread is AMAZING!

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6. If your girlfriends don’t feed your Harry Potter obsession are they even your girlfriends?

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As pictures of the slumber party went viral, fans couldn’t stop gushing over the setup!

Once a Potterhead, always a Potterhead!