A College In Lahore Is Hosting A Week-Long Harry Potter Themed Festival!

For every die-hard Harry Potter fan, receiving a letter from Hogwarts and being able to experience the magical universe is the ultimate wish. And students at Government College University, Lahore, are actually getting to witness the magic! The college is hosting a Harry Potter Festival and screening ‘The Last Follower And The Resurrection Of Voldemort’ which is Pakistan’s first-ever fan-made Harry Potter film.

In the college event, Harry Potter fans will not only be able to watch the film but also experience a week-long thematic festival built around ‘Potterverse’. Pictures from the film are being circulated online where students can be seen dressed in Hogwarts-like cloaks and woollen scarfs. The pictures have been shot in GC University itself. Have a look:

Surprisingly, the GC University campus has striking similarities with that of Hogwarts, with the old-school arches, brick walls, and long windows!

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This looks like a bunch of Hogwarts students heading out for their Quidditch practice!

Have a look at the post here:

They also shared a sneak peek of what to expect at the festival:

Image source

Have a look at the trailer of the film here:

Isn’t this incredible? 😀

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