Harnaaz Sandhu Hits Back At Criticisms, Compares Miss Universe Win To Olympics

After Punjab’s Harnaaz Sandhu brought home the Miss Universe crown after 21 years, Indians were thrilled. However, she also did receive her fair share of criticism. Unnecessarily, some people took a dig at her achievement and called it insignificant, highlighting that all she had to do was be a pretty face.

Responding to such criticism and online trolling, Harnaaz Sandhu, in a recent interview, claimed that an immense amount of effort went behind winning the Miss Universe crown. She also compared her win to that of the Olympics.

The Hindustan Times quoted her saying:

“There are a lot of people who say [I] won because [I] have a pretty face. But I know the amount of effort that went behind it. Instead of indulging in arguments, I’d rather work hard to make them realise [my worth]. This is the stereotype that I want to break. This [win] is a lot like an Olympic [win].”

She questioned that why not appreciate beauty pageant winners if we can applaud sportspersons.

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“When we appreciate a sportsperson who represents the country, why can’t we [appreciate] beauty pageant winners? However, mindsets are changing, and I am happy to be breaking stereotypes already.”

When asked about her willingness to pursue acting, she said that she wants to become someone “influential”, the one who breaks stereotypes.

“I don’t want to be a normal actress. I want to be one of those who are very influential, and who break stereotypes by choosing strong characters, being wise and inspirational.”

A win is a win, and we laud Sandhu for that!

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