Hardik Pandya’s Louis Vuitton Shirt Costs As Much As The Rent Of A Plush South Delhi Villa!

Hardik Pandya is Ranveer Singh of the cricket world as far as fashion is concerned. The all-rounder does not shy away from experimenting with his looks. Whether it is the funky hair color or an outfit as colorful as a rainbow, Pandya pulls them off like a boss!

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Anyone up for a game ? 🙋🏽‍♂️⚡️

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Scrolling through his Instagram photos will surely make you believe that the fashion-forward cricketer, Hardik has a thing for prints! From floral and palm trees to tropical prints, it’s his penchant to don shirts that have bright colorful prints on them.

From decent Kurta Pajamas to outrageous and loud blingy hi-tops, Pandya makes a myriad of fashion statements and aces them all. No wonder, he splashes out a large sum on his lavish OOTD.


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#throwback to that wonderful night 👑💥

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Pandya, recently, stepped out in an alphabetic print shirt by Louis Vuitton Paris. The navy blue silk shirt had the letters of the luxury brand printed all over it.


Thanks to its uber cool look and stylish vibes, we thought of checking the price of the shirt to see if our brokeass could afford it. And to no one’s surprise, it was a ‘NO’!

The shirt costs $1,470 which is approximately 1,01,999 Rupees. Over one lakh bucks for a shirt?

We would prefer booking a vacation to Bali, Dubai, Maldives, Bhutan, Vietnam or anywhere nearby, right? You can actually rent a lavish apartment at that cost. We can buy an iPhone X with air-pods or a fancy bike or a beautiful solitaire and what not instead!

But to maintain the sartorial elegance, you need to spend generously and that’s what the celebrities do!

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