Can You Find The Word ‘Dog’ In This ‘Hardest Word Search Ever’? C’mon Test Your Mind!

Everyone loves a mind-bending puzzle that tests your brain to the fullest and entertains you while you are at it. Be it jigsaw, sudoku, or word-finding puzzles, they all are a great way to pass time for all generations.

For all those who love to challenge their mind, an Imgur user jivandabeast has uploaded the ‘Hardest Word Search Ever’. You would think that it is easy as there is only one word to find, but wait till you get frustrated and start pulling your hair for not being able to find it.

Image Source
Image Source

So go on, try your best to find the ‘DOG’.


If you still can’t find it, scroll down for the answer.


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It was right there for the whole time.

GIF Source
GIF Source

Frustrating, isn’t it?

H/T: Boredpanda

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