“He Took Money & Betrayed His Own Nation”: Harbhajan Slams Amir After Their Twitter War

An ugly Twitter war erupted between cricketers Harbhajan Singh and Mohammad Amir on Wednesday evening. While Mohammad Amir started things off by taking a dig at Bhajji after India lost to Pakistan in the T20 World Cup 2021 match; HT reports that the veteran Indian spinner Harbhajan has more to say.

He addressed those who probed why he’d brought up 2010’s infamous spot fixing scandal that found Amir guilty.


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“Who is Mohammad Amir? Isn’t he the same Amir who was caught fixing in the Lord’s Test? What is his credibility? He must have played around 10 matches for his team and betrayed his own country by taking money to set matches. Such people are a black spot to this game and wasting time on them isn’t the right thing,” Harbhajan proclaimed.

He continued, “When it began, it was just a joke. He tweeted something, I replied something. But from there it reached a stage where I had to tell the world what kind of a man he is and what he’s done. I would want to request Mr. Imran Khan to open up schools for such kids so that he (Amir) can attend it and learn how to talk to seniors.”  

Harbhajan adds, “Over here, we are taught respect. Even today, players like Wasim Akram and many more, we talk to them by bowing our heads. But he is a kind of person who doesn’t know how or what to talk to the other person.”

Amir’s involvement in the 2010 spot-fixing scandal at Lord’s between England and Pakistan resulted in him getting banned from cricket for five years. But while the word may have forgiven Amir for his acts, Harbhajan sure has not, those feelings triggered by his tweets on social media.

“Anyway, what can we even expect from someone who sold his entire country. A fixer like him doesn’t deserve attention because if I put my feet in the mud, it will splash on me. I should have just stayed away from him,” Harbhajan concludes.

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