Hansal Mehta Hits Back At X User Who Tried To Shame Him For Kissing His Wife

Recently, a video of Nandamuri Balakrishna, a Telugu superstar, politician and son of N.T. Rama Rao, went viral in which he is seen pushing a senior female actor named Anjali for not making enough space for him on stage. Balakrishna was a chief guest at a pre-release event for Anjali’s upcoming film Gangs of Godavari. He faced tremendous backlash on social media where people slammed him for his disrespectful behavior towards Anjali. The incident also highlighted how powerful men abuse women and get away with it.

Sharing the video, filmmaker Hansal Mehta asked, “Who is this scumbag?”

This triggered many Balakrishna fans, one of whom dug out a picture of Hansal Mehta kissing his wife Safeena Husain on the lips and shamed him for doing so.

“Who is this scumbag in this liplock photo,” he wrote.

However, Mehta didn’t let this slip. He responded to the troll and said that it was him kissing his wife and expressing his love publicly, unlike Balakrishna who pushed a woman and displayed misogyny in public.

Powerful men often abuse and disrespect women openly, using their status to escape consequences. They act with impunity, believing their influence shields them from accountability. This behavior goes unchecked because people are afraid to speak out or feel powerless to make a difference.

It’s crucial for society to call out such actions and hold these men accountable. By standing up and speaking out, we can challenge the culture of silence and protect victims. Everyone deserves respect.

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