Women List Out Judgemental Questions They Were Asked By Their Gynaecologists

It’s 2021, but unfortunately, sex education and visits to the gynecologist can still be something of a taboo. Recently, a desi Twitter user pointed to her experience on how the questions ‘Are you married?’ and “Do you have an active sex life?’ are used interchangeably by some gynecologists, pointing towards how sex is often only associated with marriage.

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Narrating the incident that happened to her, the Twitter user recalled how she visited a gynecologist who asked her if she was unmarried, probing whether the woman had an active sex life. Here’s how she responded:

Some people shared a similar opinion and experiences they had on their gynecology visits, where they felt judged for their choices:

Giving some perspective, a gynecologist expressed how it is a “sensitive” way of asking patients if they’re sexually active, and has nothing to do with judgement:

Another person also responded as to why questions evoking the marital status of the patient could be asked depending on the treatment’s context:

What is your take on the debate? Tell us!

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