A Woman Was Told By Her Gynaecologist To Listen To Sadhguru To Treat Her Menstrual Disorder

Even in today’s advanced day and age, women fret paying a visit to the gynecologist. Mostly because of the glares and stares they get when they visit a gynaec without being married.

This is followed by the judgemental questions they get asked by the medical profession itself making the visit even more uncomfortable.

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But seems like it’s not just it. Gynecologists and doctors have advanced in making a patient’s experience horrifying by suggesting treatments that are far from medical science.

Taking to Twitter, a woman named Shruti Sunderraman shared her experience of paying a visit to the gynecologist.

Shruti went to the doc after she was experiencing post-COVID menstrual disorders. She went ahead and shared her history and timeline with the doc. At this time, one would expect a more in-depth and medically sound treatment or suggestion from the gynecologist. But instead of that, she was told to listen to Sadhguru.

Moreover, the doctor added that all of this was happening because of stress and that it can be burnt out if she listened to Sadhguru thrice a day.

After hearing about her experience, Twitter was appalled. This is how they reacted:

This is so worrisome. The fact that medical practitioners, who work on evidence-based treatment, are coming up with such vague lines of treatment and suggestions shows what’s wrong with our healthcare system.

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