Woman’s Tweet About Gym Disappearing Without Notice Reminds People Of ‘Laxmi Chit Fund’

Imagine this. You get sick and decide to skip going to the gym for a couple of days. However, when you finally pay a visit to the gymnasium after days, you find out that the company has shut shop.

In fact, the company has moved the majority of its stuff from there, including the locker where you had stored your things before you got sick. Well, this is exactly what happened with a Twitter user.

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Anushka was shocked to see the empty space, that just two weeks back, used to be her gym. And she’s not talking about any local, unprofessional, galiwala gym. This is a very popular health and fitness franchise ‘Cult.Fit’ owned and endorsed by Bollywood celebrities.

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What took the podcast consultant by surprise was that the gym didn’t even bother making her aware of the move even though they keep flooding her with marketing emails.

Hence, she decided to bring this incident to everyone’s notice online. In a tweet, Anushka wrote:

“Got covid and took a 2-week break from the gym, come back today and the whole place is shut down and everything from my locker is gone. What’s up yo @cultfitofficial no notice on app/email/msg nothing?”

After she shared the incident with people online, many shared similar experiences.

Others joked about it as they were reminded of the infamous ‘Laxmi Chit Fund’ from the movie ‘Phir Hera Pheri’ that disappeared days after taking money from the investors.

The gym authority, however, apologized for the inconvenience caused.

This is hilarious but also very irresponsible on the part of the gym.

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