This Guy Worked 28 Jobs In 28 Indian States And It Will Surely Amaze You.

Back in Feb 2007, a 25 year old college grad Sean Aiken started the One Week Job Project where he worked 52 jobs in 52 weeks to discover his passion in life. It garnered immense public and media attention.

In May 2013, inspired by the One Week Job Project and by the life of the main protagonist of Slumdog Millionaire, Jamal Malik, who is shown to shuffle through multiple jobs ranging from being a beggar, goods seller, tourist guide, photographer, chai-wala, BPO worker, Jubanashwa Mishra made up his mind to start his similar journey. Thus, One Week Job India was born.

Here’s the list of 28 different jobs he took up in 28 different states of India



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His effort deserves widespread recognition. Not because it displays sheer will of the mind, but because his action would inspire thousand others to stop living their fears and start living their dreams.

You can find Jubanashwa on Facebook, Twitter and TheRodinhoods.


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