This Guy Who Attached A Mosquito Bat To A Table Fan Deserves The Best Jugaad Award

Students and ‘jugaad’ go hand in hand. Doing more with less is the new cool in society. A couple of years back, an engineering student made a laser fence using fewer commodities and more jugaad in Noida. Another latest case of jugaad came from China where a group of students made an automatic closing door by using just a rope and water bottle.

Useful inventions made out of the most unexpected things often amuse and amaze us all!

Moreover, if the person behind such innovation is not just lazy but also a youth, the amount of creativity put in the jugaad often leaves you spellbound!

Meet the most jugadu person of the year. This guy tied the mosquito repellant bat to his table fan so that all the mosquitoes get killed automatically. Viola! The guy enjoys a good night’s sleep without running around the house like crazy with a mosquito bat (like so many of us do)!

Here’ what people have to say about this out of the box jugaad:

If you think that this is all the height of laziness, just wait a sec! Every ser has a sawa-ser!

Check out the video of a guy who was hungry but did not want to leave the comfort of his bed. He has tied grapes on a stick and attached it to the table fan.

I think these are the same people who ask Siri to do their laundry and Alexa to do their shift on the job. My mind has never ever come up with such ‘cool innovative ideas’. All thanks to my sibling. Obviously, I make my sister hunt mosquitoes with a bat and feed me grapes on my bed, that’s my jugaad. What’s yours?

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