Guy Wanted A Projector Worth ₹25K, So His Wife Made One For Free With White Bedsheet & Clips

Some people learn jugaad. Indian women are born with its knowledge.

While growing up, I have been my mother, grandmother and other female members of the family come up with quick, easy and cheap solutions for any problem that the household faced. From making tasty meals using leftovers to finding different kinds of purpose with old items, the kind of jugaad that these women have shown is unparalleled.

Similarly, a guy named Ranjit took to Twitter to share his wife’s laud-worthy jugaad. He wanted a rollable motorised projector screen for his room. It would have easily cost him Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000. But his wife came up with a quick solution.

She took out a white bedsheet, hung it over a cupboard using four clips and wollah! The projector screen was ready!

“I was telling me wife we can install a rollable motorised projector screen in the room… it will cost around 20-25k. She pulled out this sheet with 4 clip and said watch on this!” Ranjit tweeted.

Several people online hailed the wife for her quick thinking and said that the guy not only ended up saving money, but the ‘home theatre’ indeed looked pretty neat!

Desi jugaad at its finest. Someone give the wife a medal!

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