Guy Goes Against Tradition, Takes Wife’s Surname After Marriage To Continue Her Family Name

A woman dropping her parental surname and using her husband’s last name post marriage is a tradition in various cultures across the world. There has been a lot of debate regarding the regressiveness of such a tradition with many people advocating for its discontinuation. There have also been many who called for equal participation for such a tradition, asking men to take their wife’s last name.

In a welcome and indeed rare incident, one guy from San Francisco named Ryan Morrison has taken his wife’s last name – Miyoshi. He now uses the name ‘Ryan Miyoshi’.

Representational Image

Ryan took to Twitter to post a picture of his new identity card and wrote, “I’m getting married tomorrow and taking my wife’s name.”

In the following tweets, he went on to explain why he took such a step. He revealed that his father-in-law doesn’t have siblings and has 2 daughters. Hence, there are not many people who can carry on the Miyoshi family name.

People on the internet lauded Ryan’s decision! Many took to the comment section to narrate their own incidents or from their family where men have taken their wife’s last name.

Women for generations have been forced to see their family names disappear due to such traditions. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a man changing his surname post-marriage and shattering glass ceilings!

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