Guy Shares How Dad Lies About His Educated & Well-Earning Sister’s Height On Matrimonial Sites

We are not alien to the concept of arranged marriage in our society. We are well aware of the kind of criteria families have while searching for a bride or groom. When it comes to a groom, families want a guy with a high-paying job, a house, and a car. How he looks is secondary. But when it comes to a bride, a woman’s educational qualification or work profile is considered a bonus. What seems to be of utmost priority is her physical appearance, especially on matrimonial sites.

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Many families do not approve of a woman who earns more than her husband, or is taller than him, or is more qualified than him. Families of women understand this and sometimes go to the extent of lying to fit the mould. Here’s an example.

A guy named Ayush took to Twitter to express how it’s silly that his father lies about his sister’s height on matrimonial sites, despite her having a high-paying job, a Master’s degree, and great career prospects.

People online couldn’t help but highlight the irony of it all. Firstly, why does a man think it’s necessary to find a groom for his daughter who is well-educated and independent? This incident also shows how our society places more importance on physical appearance than a person’s abilities and accomplishments.

When is our society going to be accepting of a woman’s accomplishments rather than be threatened by it?

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