Employee Uses ‘Gopi Bahu’ Meme To Reason Why He’s Late, Boss Gives A Savage Response

Let’s be real. All of us have collectively exhausted the tank of realistic reasons why we’re late for work or taking a day off. Cousin’s wedding, grandfather’s funeral, flu, doctor’s appointment, bank work, the key to the apartment door not working – all of these excuses have been used by us unnecessarily so many times that now they’ve lost their novelty.

So employees have to come up with new, more unique reasons to justify their absence, For example, a guy named Ujjawal Athrav hadn’t logged in for work on time so his boss got in touch with him via WhatsApp asking what was wrong. In response, the guy sent him the classic Gopi-Bahu-cleaning-laptop meme.

However, his boss didn’t back down and had a savage response ready. Have a look at their conversation here:

Ujjawal took to Twitter to share a screenshot of their conversation and wrote, “Monday getting worse.”

Does anyone have Burnol because we think he just got burned!

People online couldn’t get over how witty his boss was. They were keeping score and the boss took the trophy home this time. Here’s a look at some of the reactions to the story:

Having a ‘cool’ boss is all fun and games until they outsmart you in your own game! 😛

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