Guy Says His Company Wouldn’t Provide Him With A Laptop For Work, Desis Say ‘Red Flag Alert’

Many companies provide their employees with laptops and smartphones so that they can work smoothly. But if one company chooses not to do so, can it be considered a red flag? People online have been talking about this on Reddit.

The conversation started when a guy who works as a software engineer at a company revealed that he has been using his laptop at work. However, lately, his device has been facing certain issues for which he asked his company to provide him with a laptop. The company allegedly declined.

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“I have been working as a software Engineer in a company for more than one year now. I have been using my own device. I recently asked them to provide me with a company laptop since mine has lot of issues. They said it’s the company’s option to give a laptop or not and employees should arrange their own device and not depend on the company. But they have given laptops to all the other 4 members of my team. This seems like a huge red flag for me and I’m thinking about switching jobs. Am I doing the correct thing?” the guy wrote.

He further revealed that he develops products by Apple Inc. and hence, he requires a Macbook. Have a look at his post here:

My company refuses to give me a company laptop and wants me to arrange my own device. Is this a red flag? from india

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People online took to the comment section to scream “RED FLAG ALERT!”. Many highlighted how it’s a company’s responsibility to provide its employees with a laptop. Some others claimed that the company is taking him for granted and that he should search for other job opportunities. Have a look:

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Would you consider this a red flag? Tell us!

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