Guy Refuses To Give Up Bus Seat To His GF Who Was Wearing Stilettos, Reddit Blasts Him

When you are in a relationship with someone, it’s kind of a given that both of you will think about each others’ well-being and will try to make life easier for one another. And in case of a crisis, both must help each other. There shouldn’t be a debate about this right? But a lot of people fail to understand this basic thing.

For example, a guy took to Reddit to share how he refused to give up his seat to his girlfriend, who was wearing stilettos, on a long bus journey. He gave the excuse that he was tired and short of breath and that it was the girl’s choice to wear stilettos in the first place. He further mentioned that his girlfriend was tired too, but she has more stamina since she goes to the gym.

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“My girlfriend (27F) and I (26M) went out for a special event and we were both very dressed up. It was in another city and we don’t have a car so we took the bus there. On the way back we realized we had some unexpected errands to do in the other city and we spent a good hour walking around. The city is hilly with older cobble stone paths and this was quite tiring for me as I’m not the most fit. When we caught the bus to go home, I entered the bus first and took the last available seat and my gf stood next to me,” he wrote.

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“When the bus started moving she asked if she could take my seat as her feet were tired and I declined as I was tired and quite breathless still. When we got home she said I was being inconsiderate since she was in heels. I didn’t really think that’s relavant since she almost always wears heels but she said those were stilettos and she normally wears block heels but I don’t really know the difference and I didn’t think it mattered for standing, maybe for walking. She is more fit and goes to the gym and has more stamina and it was just her feet that were tired so I feel I deserved the seat more. Besides it was her choice to wear the shoes,” he added.

Have a look at the post here:

AITA for not giving up my seat on the bus to my girlfriend. from AmItheAsshole

He posted this on Reddit’s r/AmITheAsshole subreddit. In this channel, after reading a person’s post, people usually respond with YTA (You’re the asshole) or NTA (Not the asshole) along with their personal opinions to justify their arguments.

After reading this guy’s post, people online were baffled that he was so inconsiderate. He might have been very tired, but the two could have easily taken turns to sit. The girl might have worn stilettos, but she didn’t know that her boyfriend would be so selfish to not grant her a minute’s rest, did she?

Here’s a look at some of the responses:


The girl in question should run and never look back!

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