Angry Guy Rants About How His ‘Lower Caste Friend’ Got Into IIM Via Reservation, Desis School Him

There are innumerable people who debate the need for reservations in our country and argue against it. It can be said that the reservation system deprives many candidates of opportunities and gives them to those coming from SC, ST, OBC and other communities. You see it during college and job entrances the most.

The reservation system is based on equity. It is about the representation of communities that have been discriminated against for generations. They have faced atrocities and social isolation to extents that we cannot even think of. Let alone education and work opportunities, these communities are denied basic human rights. So, with the help of reservations, these people get a shot at a dignified life, which they are otherwise robbed off by society.

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Just Google ‘lower caste atrocities in India’ and you’ll understand what I mean.

So when a guy took to LinkedIn to write a lengthy post expressing his anger on how his “friend” from a lower caste family got into IIM, people decided to call him out.

“He got admission to NITs based on quota despite scoring less than me. He again used the same reservation to get job in one of the PSUs
He was not happy with his job, so he used the same reservation for IIM. He is still getting a reservation in India because his grandfather was poor 50 years ago,” he wrote.

Have a look at his full post here:

It is crucial to mention that the picture of the bungalow shared by him which he claims belongs to his friend is fake. According to reports, it is a photo of a bungalow in Aranmula, Kerala, which is supposed to be a homestay.

Many took to the comments section to highlight that reservations are a way to give justice to backward classes who have been otherwise treated unjustly by the caste system in our society for generations.

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What are your views on this issue?

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