Guy Hilariously Adds Indian Touch To PUBG Scenes And It Couldn’t Have Been More Perfect

Ever since South Korean video game company, Bluehole, launched the mobile version of ‘Player Unknown’s Battleground’ in 2018, a whopping number of gamers have taken up the phrase “Chal PUBG khelte hai” as their favourite pass time.

However, while the game has its followers spread over the whole world, a lion’s share of its users are from India. And hence, Instagram user, Musthaiz Ahmed, imagined how the game would look like if it was made in India and guess what? He couldn’t have been more accurate.

Indian families and their bike rides. 😛

You don’t roam about on Indian roads without being chased by the religious fundamentalists.

This guy deserves an Oscar.

Indian couples have a go-to place – tree bottoms.

Spitting on roads was India’s favourite hobby before PUBG.

Oh my! How can you miss this sight. 😛

Bhai Bhai Bhai Bhai!

Manish Paul is every-damn-where!

I really hope PUBG gets an Indian version and the creators take this guy into consideration. 😛

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