16 Adorable Doggos Helped This Guy Pull Off The Best Proposal Ever, And She Said Yes!

If we were to make a list of things that make women happy, an elaborate surprise proposal would probably make it to the top 10. But you know what would absolutely win, especially if she’s a dog lover? A proposal that involved dogs. 16 dogs, to be precise!

Maurice Goldstein and Laura Stampler, a couple from New York, had been dating for four years.

On Thanksgiving this year, they decided to take a trip to Los Angeles.

Little did Laura know that she was going to be engaged at one of the most stunning sights in LA, in the most amazing proposal planned by her BF, Maurice! And yes, it included 16, I repeat, 16 dogs!

You know how people release lanterns, swans, doves and even butterflies at their weddings? Well, since Laura was this huge dog lover (she even wrote a lot about them in a book she authored!), Maurice decided the furballs just had to be a part of this special moment he was planning for her!

That’s the newly engaged Maurice and Laura with their special witnesses!

It wasn’t just dogs that made this proposal special, BTW! There was so much more!

Maurice had done such meticulous planning to make sure everything was perfect!

Pay attention, boys, this is how you win at proposals!

When Maurice led his girlfriend Laura to the venue, she was stunned. He had laid out a path of rose petals for her!

At the top of the slope, right where the rose-petal path ended, was a group of acapella singers singing Laura’s favourite Disney songs!

I think I’m gonna cry!

And cry Laura did, out of sheer joy, when Maurice went down on one knee and brought out the ring!

And she said YES!

And that’s when all floof broke lose! Maurice had arranged for a pack of therapy dogs to be released towards them at the exact moment Laura said yes! And her reaction was priceless!

What’s more, to make sure that everyone was in their right place, Maurice had even hired people to stand in and save places for the choir group and the therapy dogs’ trainer and the photographers!

He even got the couple’s friend Rebecca, a wedding photographer, to be there to take all the amazing pictures!

But those dogs were definitely a masterstroke! Laura even tweeted about them!

In case you want to see all those adorable doggos up close, here’s some more pictures!

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My last post, about the marriage proposal that my dogs were part of, was by far the most popular of all my posts. Who knew “health care could be…” – oops, I mean who knew romance + puppies was such a winning formula?! — Anyway, stumped this morning about what to write for this week’s post, I figured why not milk that special evening a little more. To be involved in a marriage proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime invitation, so I got to the location hours early to give myself time to go slowly and take the evening in fully. — I took 2 hours to walk my dogs what would normally take 15 minutes. I had 16 excited pups to control. The best way to manage such potential chaos is to be calm and composed oneself. Peace is not something you find, it’s something you connect with, it’s inside us all. There are many tools to make that connection. A few of my favorites, some shortcuts, are gratitude, perspective, slowing down, and breathing deeply. —- It’s easy to forget these tools in the stressful moments when they’re needed most. One blessing of being around so many dogs is that they constantly remind me, because a pack of dogs gives a very visual representation of my state of mind at any given moment, since they feed off my energy. If they’re in a frenzy, if they’re misbehaving, if they’re being difficult, I know I’m off-center. Our kids look to us to assess a situation. And they mimic us. — I’m trying to be someone worth mimicking. — — — First 3 photos by @JennaMoorePhotography, Last 2 photos by @RebeccaYale.

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Here’s the video of the proposal that Laura has shared, so that everyone can watch it and happy-cry like she was doing the whole time it was happening!

At first I thought Maurice — the guy who surprised me with a 5k-race on a date night six months into the relationship… — just wanted to squeeze a strangely timed, “easy” hike through Runyon Canyon before drinks with friends. It wasn’t until I saw the rose petals that I knew it was more. Like, a lot more. From the a cappella choir singing Disney (you can kind of hear “Kiss the Girl” over my hyperventilating!) to releasing a pack of 16 dogs after I said/sobbed yes (because dogs > doves), from giving the stone my grandpa gave my grandma a new life to bringing in one of my best friends to photograph (and one of yours to throw flower petals and take the video below), I can’t imagine anything more magical. I love you, Maurice. For this and so, so much more. And now, in case anyone wanted to see me literally sob while and attempt to hug every dog, our proposal video:

Posted by Laura Stampler on Thursday, November 29, 2018

Twitter was loving this whole proposal idea, even crowning it the best ever!

I mean, how can you not? There were dogs!

Laura’s mom also tweeted about it!

Beautifully executed!

And now all the single ladies be like…


Romantic energy for 2019!




One of Laura’s friend made an excellent request for inviting these furballs to the actual wedding too! And soon-to-be bride had the perfect answer!

And now we cannot wait for the epic wedding photos!

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