Guy Prints Micromax Logo On His Airpods So Thieves Don’t Steal It, Gets Called ‘Next Level’

Not just tourists coming to India, but people living in India are also instructed by the elderly and the experienced to clutch on to their belongings to keep them safe from pickpockets roaming around in public places. From railway stations to markets, you will find pickpockets everywhere. It can especially be a nightmare if one is on vacation and their wallet or phone ends up getting stolen!

Which is why one guy printed the Micromax logo on his AirPods case. He believes that thieves wouldn’t want to steal a comparatively cheaper product and that his AirPods will get saved in the process.

Once you have lived in places where such incidents are rampant, your brain ends up spitting out other-worldly ideas to save you from uncomfortable situations!

People online were mighty impressed by this guy’s hack. Here’s what they told him under the comments section:

Modern problems require modern solutions, people! 😛

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